Contest | Vote for your Favorite Symbol of Innovation & Win Godrej Nature's Basket Vouchers!

Innovation is one of the most ubiquitous words that exists today. It regularly features in the 'about us' section of most fortune 500 companies & yet there is no universally recognised symbol of innovation out there.
Looking to change that, Godrej has launced the Symbol Of Innovation contest. The sole aim of the contest is to crowdsouce a symbol that effectively symbolizes innovation. Creative people have already submitted their designs & the contest is currently in the voting stage.

Vote for the first ever Symbol of Innovation here: www.symbolofinnovation.com

Voting take just 2 minutes & in case helping innovation find a face wasn't enough motivation for you, I have something that'll sweeten the deal!

Godrej Nature's Basket is hands down my favorite place to shop in the city because the variety of products available there. It's a chain of premium gourmet stores that stocks foods from around the world. They currently have outlets in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru & Hyderabad (full list of stores here).
I have three ₹1,000 vouchers to Godrej Nature's Basket to give away. To enter, all you have to do is visit the website & vote for your favorite symbol, then leave a comment on this post letting me know which symbol you chose!
If you're on twitter, you can increase your chances of winning by following @magali_c & @Zindagimuskraye & then tweet the following. You can click here to tweet it with just one click.

Innovation has a new destination here www.symbolofinnovation.com #SymbolOfInnovation @Zindagimuskraye @magali_c magali.co/SOIcontest

This contest is open for three days only & closes on the 28th of July at 11:59PM & winners will be announced a week later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments & I will answer them right away. Good luck!


5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Baby Shoes

Image Credits @ shellbarbalet

If your shopping involves buying your baby’s needs, your enthusiasm naturally is at its height. If it is baby’s shoes that you are out to buy, it is always best not to get carried away by the collections in the shops. Here are some ground facts to consider to acquire the right fit for the loved one.

1. Be ‘Size Wise’: The fascinating collections of shoes are sure to overwhelm you. Before you reach for the one that looks trendier, hold on as size matters most. The waking hours of a child is mostly spent walking, running and jumping. Never go for a tight fitting size or a larger size. You need to buy shoes that fit the little feet while giving space and support all possible movements the kid would make. The best way to ensure it is to check if there is space between your child’s big toe and the shoes’ front. 

2. Know The Material: Again, no place for fancy products, if they are not made of the material that is right for the baby. The best options would be to go for cloth, canvas and leather, which are breathable and hence give your kid’s feet space to breathe. Say a firm ‘No’ to rubber and plastic. 

3. Look For Support: It is great that your baby has started walking, may be running too. However, the child is still a kid that needs adequate support to help with coordination. Go for shoes with support for your baby. Yet another advantage of getting shoes with support will be that the risk of the shoes slipping away from the baby’s feet is very minimal. Click here for boys shoes online

4. Make It Easy: Trends take a back seat as comfort plays a lead role where your baby’s shoes are concerned. Go for shoes that are easy to wear and remove. Greater still, if you can get the type of shoes your child can handle without your support. Shoes with hooks and ‘slip on’ shoes may be considered. 

5. Make It Easy On Your Wallet Too: The price of the shoe does not reflect the love you have for your baby. Hence, it is best to be practical and buy the right type of shoes which are also economical. Kids keep growing and so the size of their feet tends to change quite too often. Hence, it is best not to spend too much on shoes. While you look at the size, material, support and comfort, look at the price tag too. If you can get all these for a reasonable price, you definitely have a bargain there. Of course, there is no need to compromise on the needs and quality if the shoes are highly priced. You can always reach for another shop that offers a fair deal. 

Since your child would soon outgrow the shoes you buy, you will be making frequent visits to shoe shops, be it online or offline. Look out for the right shop that offers you quality for a fair price. While it may be true that since it is for your child and hence you hate bargaining, you also would not want someone to cash in on your sentiment, right?

Author Bio: Emily Johnson gets excited when she talks about children’s accessories. As the mother of three kids, she is an active member in various groups that monitor growth of children. Her choice of shoes for her children has always been the best.


Travel | Sao Joao & Beyond

Late last month I visited a side of Goa I don't normally see (North Goa) with Goa Tourism to experience the festival of Sao Joao.
On the day itself we went for a boat cruise aboard the Santa Monica, then took part in the celebrations at Campal & finally we witnessed the boat parade at Siolim.
We were put up at Miramar Residency, which is so beautifully lush (the restaurant could be better, although they have a phenomenal breakfast buffet). I bunked with Diipti, a passionate traveller & the blogger behind Travel Diaries. All in all a fun way to spend three days! I made a video of the trip which you can find above, so do watch it & let me know what you think - I'm still new to making videos so any feedback would be appreciated.