Home D├ęcor | Studio Pepperfry launches in Mumbai!

Pepperfry.com is the undisputed leader when it comes to selling furniture online in India. I've said it before & I'll say it again... I'm a huge online shopping buff! I have no qualms making big purchases online because I know it's where the biggest variety & best deals lie! But I understand not everyone is so easily convinced especially when it comes to more important stuff like furniture.
A few weeks ago I was invited for the launch of #StudioPepperfry is a one of a kind design store studio that showcases a wide range of Pepperfry's current offerings.
It's a place where consumers can go to get a feel for the products before purchasing & there will also be an expert present with an iPad who will give free design consultations & help you with the purchasing process should you find something you like. The space is pretty large & but it still can't house all of the products Pepperfry has on sale (thousands!) so the products showcased will be changed monthly.
As a decor enthusiast myself I was very pleased to see that most of the furniture is made of real wood like mango, sheesham & acacia & not that awful MDF / particle board that seems so ubiquitous in most furniture chains in Mumbai.
I thought that the entire collection on display was very stylish & contemporary, it's the furniture that you buy for your new home that will last a generation (or two).

So whether you're looking to get a cool new desk (like me) or furniture your new home, Pepperfry is a nice option. You can visit Studio Pepperfry here:

Pepperfry, G1A,Akruti Corporate Park
Lal Bahadur Shastri Road, Ambedkar Nagar, Kanjurmarg West
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400078

Pepperfry is also on facebook & twitter @Pepperfry


A Blogger's Tech Wishlist

Republic Day is fast approaching & eBay has put together the eBay Republic Day Sale, a bunch of great deals in many different categories, from tech to fashion & lifestyle!
I have two blogs & a YouTube channel that I manage by myself, without anyone's help, so having the best in technology does make my job a lot easier, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my tech must haves, some of which I own & the rest which I plan to buy soon.

Last year when my trusty MacBook Pro started to die I finally decided to switch to an iMac. I've been very pleased with my purchase but I still 
I usually like having two main digital cameras besides my phone, one dslr for better quality & one compact for portability. When the time came to upgade my Fujifilm X100 I thought I would just get the X100T till I discovered this one. It's so small (looks just like a regular point & shoot) but it packs so many great features like wi-fi, a flip screen & a stunning electronic view finder. It packs a punch & it's made vlogging a breeze!
I was a little disappointed when my iMac didn't come with a DVD drive because I still buy movies on DVD & don't always like to use the big TV in the living room for it. This would solve my problems because it's so slim & inexpensive, plus it works to write DVD as well!
I currently use the Canon 700D which works well, but this has a few more nifty features, overall great especially for video!
You can never have enough of these! Period.

All of the above items are pretty well discounted on the #eBayRepublicDaySale, so be sure to check it out: http://bit.ly/ebayrepublicdaysale or you might regret it later!

Reasons Why Art Deco Paintings Are So Unique

Art Deco is generally considered the dominant artistic movement between the two World Wars. Its characteristic features are the affinity with geometric patterns and machine-art, or mechanical looking art. This is due to the social and economic climate during this period.

The Great War
The First World War, also known as The Great War, until World War Two eclipsed it, caused a great loss of life and property on the European continent. Most of the fighting was done on this continent. The fighting done in the Middle East andNorth Africa, which were the other theatres of war, saw again a great loss of life, but not much property was damaged. This was because it was the property of impoverished foreign states which were usually not developed to the same extent as Europe, economically.

The Surrender
The Treaty of Versailles, signed on the 28th of June 1919, saw a humiliating surrender for Germany. Large war reparations were extracted. This helped France, which had seen much of the damage during the war, to re-build on a war footing. America (the United States of America) took full advantage of this ready opportunity to ship as much of its products and capital machinery to Europe for the re-construction. Thus there was great growth in the industrial capacity of both America and Europe. Such wealth was created that till today the inter-war era is remembered as the “Roaring Twenties”. Where there is wealth, there has never been a shortage of patrons of art and culture.

The Art
The Art form born at this time, the Art Deco, reflected this new semi-mechanical world. Industrialization was creating great fortunes and flamboyance and leisure were the trademarks of this Nouveau riche. The new art form lovingly embraced technology, mimicking its patrons. Historian Bevis Hillier’s definition of Art Deco was “an assertively modern style [that] ran to symmetry rather than asymmetry, and to the rectilinear rather than the curvilinear; it responded to the demands of
the machine and of new material [and] the requirements of mass production.”Art Deco symbolized the continuous progress in technology and society that was being evidenced.

The Artists
As each new age has given new ideas and ideals to the world, so too did the Art Deco movement. It produced “the first woman artist to be a glamour star”! Tamara de Lempicka became the leading light of the Art Deco style across two continents. She was a favorite with many of Hollywood’s famous stars, being referred to as ‘the baroness with a brush’. She was the most popular portrait
painter of her generation with the haute bourgeoisie and aristocracy. She painted portraits for duchesses and grand dukes and socialites. Through these influential friends, she was also able to exhibit in the most elite salons of the era. Tamara de Lempicka was the foremost artist to translate into art the combination of power, sensualism and hunger for conquest that made her paintings much sought after with the rising class.

It was an era which believed in the unending prosperity that had just been created. This obviously led to excesses, leading to the greatest economic disaster that the world has ever seen.
The paintings of the Art Deco Era are unique. Never before has an art form incorporated machinery motifs and technological ideas. The solid, chunky lines of this new art stood for strength and endurance, purposeful progress and the belief in self-determination. This endeared it to those on the rise. Even today Art Deco paintings are the preferred art form among such glamorous celebrities as Madonna and Jack Nicholson. The artists of this era were the first to be glamorous among all their fellow brethren.