Now You Can Buy Furniture Online!

Anything that aids in making your home looks good and stylish makes you happy. There are new styles and trends coming up every now and then, that suits the changing moods and tastes of your home décor, to make it look fresh all the time. Be it the furniture, the curtains, the interior design, flower vase, cushions, floor mats, curios etc; all are just meant to make your home looks the best!

Designing and decorating your house is the most challenging task as it impacts your lifestyle and the way of thinking to your guests. Filling your rooms doesn’t make your home look good but it will make it look stuffy. Arranging your rooms with stylish and standard furniture, beds, tables and chairs will give your room an elegant and stylish look.

If you have any plans of getting your home, office or your personal room a stylish touch with new looks, check out these online stores that are solely for furniture that can help in making your home décor get the most stylish look.

Fab Furnish
Fab Furnish is one of the leading online shopping sites that offer wide range of products for buying furniture and other home décor. It helps in making our home look elegant, stylish and comfortable with unique and durable products. In fact, Furnitures At Fab Furnish will make our neighbors go envy on us.

Anything in Fab Furnish is just enlightening, top branded and are of high quality. They are long lasting product that makes your home a perfect place. Fab Furnish offers products such as Furniture, Bed, Bathroom Accessories, Lighting, Home Décor, Kitchen & Dining, Home Improvements and many more.

Amazon is one of the most trusted online stores for all your needs including clothing, makeup and beauty, kitchen utilities and also home décor. Now, when I say home décor, Amazon is one such store that keeps your mind awake seeing the wide range of collections in home décor articles. It has all varied collections of articles including traditional, chilled-out style, bright and bold style and many more that help in making your lovely home a wonderful place.

Check out for Amazon Home Decor category to find varieties of articles that help in making your home look sweet and beautiful that all look at them with awe!

Pepper Fry
Pepper Fry is yet another online store solely dedicated to decorate your home with all the latest and stylish accessories including furniture, beds, kitchen appliances and many more. You get a wide range of products at reasonable prices and Pepper Fry do have discounts and accepts coupons which finally help you in getting your products at a much cheaper price.

Shop furniture online at Pepper Fry that include Sofas, Sofa Sets, Recliners, Sofa cum Beds, Sofa Sectionals, Futons, Pouffes, Bar Furniture, Bar Cabinets, Bar Chairs & Stools, Bar Trolleys & Units, Wine Racks, Seating, Arm Chairs, Bean Bags, Ergonomic Chairs, Executive Chairs, Folding Chairs and much more.

Mebelkart is an online shopping site that helps in decorating your home with beautiful furniture for living room, dining room, bedroom and even your kitchen. It also has furniture for your kids’ room and other accessories like divan sets, bath sets and many more.

Mebelkart also have hand crafted products including wall clock that makes your home wall looks ethnic and elegant in style. They also have kitchen and bathroom storage fixes, shelves etc. Check out their store and do immense online shopping to make your home look just perfect!

Try these online stores today to shop the best and unique furniture for your home, to make it look more fashionable and beautiful at affordable prices.


My Favorite Buffet Restaurants in Mumbai

Buffets are my favorite way to dine. I like them not because of the quantity but because of the variety, nothing beats being spoiled for choice when you're eating! There are so many great Buffet restaurants in Mumbai, whatever your taste or budget might be. Today I'm going to write about a couple of my personal favorites in the city-

When it comes to buffets I prefer going to a buffet lunch rather than a dinner. Seven Kitchens at Palladium is hands down one of my favorite buffet lunches in the city! First of all, the spread is absolutely huge. There's a good selection of salads, sushi & soups, something that many buffets tend to ignore.
And the desserts, oh the desserts! Other than the usual pastries & soufflés, they also a chocolate fountain & a revolving fridge with 12 different ice creams, along with a live waffle / pancake counter. If you like fine dining you should definitely check them out!

Now onto my second recommendation- Renaissance Powai can do no wrong in my book but Lakeview Café is just my personal favorites among their restaurants. As the name suggests, Lakeview Café has a wonderful view of Powai Lake through large glass windows which make it an ideal place for lunch or brunch, nothing beats the ambience that natural light can create
Again, they have a very expansive spread with delicious charcuterie, many times of cheese & a live seafood counter and they too have a chocolate fountain (sensing a theme here?) with a large selection of chocolates & pralines.
So I could go on & on but I'm going to stop now. Do you like buffets? What is your favorite restaurant for buffets?


Food | Lazy Day Grub during the Cricket World Cup

I still remember the first time I almost had sushi... it was 2009, in a supermarket in Bangkok. I was curious, but also quite nervous after a somewhat bad experience with authentic Chinese food a few years prior in Malaysia. I of course looked to my mom (she's not very adventurous with food!) & one crinkle of her nose convinced me not to try, not now at least.
Cut to last year, I finally tried Supermarket sushi in Mumbai - & absolutely loved it! Sushi is one of the only things that I regularly crave, but it's still sort of hard to come by in Mumbai & I've been quite bummed that nobody delivers sushi to the suburbs (because I'm lazy, yo).

So imagine my excitement when I found a place that does deliver to my home, in just about an hour at no additional cost. That place is Sushi Star (in Juhu) & I would have never found them if it wasn't for Foodpanda.
If you're somehow unfamiliar with Foodpanda, they're a very nifty service that helps facilitate online food ordering. Just login to the app, input your address & they tell you all the different restaurants / eateries that'll deliver to your place. Mediterranean, Continental, North Indian, South Indian, Pizza... you have a myriad of options at your fingertips. That's not all, they tell you estimated delivery times & feature independent reviews from patrons who've already tried the place.
They currently have a great promo going on for the cricket world cup (Cricbites - see the rules here!) that gives a pretty heavy discount on your app orders.
So if you're a cricket buff, it's a great place to get grub to eat during the matches & if you're like me & can't stand the game, the discount is still a reason to be thankful for the world cup! I know I'm taking full advantage!
What's the one dish you constantly crave? Any fellow sushi fiends?