For the Home | Psychdellic Mugs from Aurpera

Rathee Ramani Iyer is a visual artist based out of Chennai. She's a trained textile designer who also does photography & digital art. A lot of her work can be found here. She also has a web store Shop Aurpera where you can buy a number of things like mugs, coasters & bags.
Rati kindly sent me a couple of coffee mugs from Aurpera with different trippy prints on them. The print is vibrant & seems to be quite high quality (no pixellation & it certainly doesn't scratch off). She also sent two lovely photo prints that went straight onto my cupboard.

Everything is affordably priced & when you buy from her you are directly supporting an artist & her work. You can buy her work here: http://shopaurpera.com/ or connect with her on twitter: @aurpera & instagram: @aurpera.


Safeguarding Your Home from Smooth Talking Burglars

We all know that we need to safeguard our homes from burglars, but did you know that there are many types of burglars that you need to be careful of?

From the cartoons of your childhood, you might imagine all burglars to wear black clothes & an eye mask with a black sack to carry the loot or worse still violent thugs who come in guns blazing. While those two types do exist, there is another type that you don't usually anticipate that is just as dangerous if not more- The Smooth Talking Burglars. Smooth Criminal is not just a song by the king of pop, today I'm going to be talking about smooth talking burglars and how to thwart them.

Smooth Talking Burglars are incredibly charismatic. They are glib and can lie with so much ease - they can make you like them, even trust them in a matter of minutes. They will always have a good reason or excuse to get inside your home - maybe they will say they are from the electricity or gas company, pest control or even a door to door salesman selling something tempting. They'll make small talk & make you feel at ease about having a stranger in your home, they'll make you think it's ok to leave them in a room alone. Or worse, you won't be home and they'll find it even easier to smooth talk any elderly people or children that might be at home in your absence.

You may think that you smart enough on your own to protect yourself from smooth talking burglars but they can get to anyone! When it's matters of your home, the safety of your family as well as personal belongings you can never be too safe. Everyone should have burglar alarms installed. Be sure to check out the Godrej Security Solutions Website to check out their home security offerings that include a wireless burglar alarm & a burglar resistant safe. 

A video door phone can also be a superb boon, you or your family members can check who is on the other side of the door. If someone who is unexpected and does really have business with you is on your screen. You can choose to send them on their way, keeping your home and family safe! This is especially useful in the case of nuclear families where you might be away from work while your kids come home from school or if you are expecting a courier and are not at home to receive it. With a video door phone, you will always have access to the person on the other side of the door, even if you aren’t home!

Stay safe from those smooth talkers and it’ll be smooth sailing ahead.


Travel | The Best Luxury Beach Resorts in Goa

So I'm back in the city after a lovely two week long stay in Goa for my mother's birthday. Goa has so much to offer, right from the peaceful village life and eclectic beaches to an electrifying nightlife scene. I've been going to Goa since I was a baby & except for clubs / nightlife (not my scene really) I have experienced every other thing. These last two weeks were spent at a beach resort. The weather was dreamy & most days were spent sipping on cold brews & cooking Goan style (or getting takeout from one of the many local eateries. It was just my kind of a perfect vacation, the days just flew by.

So I thought that now would be the perfect time to talk about the Five Best Luxury Resorts in Goa.

5. Marbela Beach Resort (Morjim, North Goa)

A relatively new Boutique resort in North Goa, Marbela Beach Resort is a tranquil property located bang on Morjim Beach. One of their biggest draws are the luxury beach tents which are even air conditioned. If you're looking for a tranquil quiet stay chilling at the beach, sipping on cocktails & even some spa time with good food & hospitality then this is certainly a good option.

4. Kenilworth Resort & Spa (Utorda, South Goa)

South Goa is my favorite area of Goa (maybe I'm partial because my ancestral home is there too). This resort design is influenced by the Portuguese architecture which you will see typefies Goan villages. The best rooms here are the ones with balconies overlooking the beach. They have a private beach & beautiful pool with activities like water sports.

3. Park Hyatt Resort & Spa (Arossim Beach, Cansaulim, South Goa)

Consistently rated as one of the best resorts in Goa, the award winning property is nestled along the pristine Arossim beach and is just 15 minutes from Dabolim airport. It has been designed as an Indo-Portuguese village spread out over a very large area with beautiful landscaping. It also has great restaurants, a spa and one of the largest swimming pools in India

2. Vivanta by Taj (Fort Aguada, North Goa)

One thing Goa is known for is it's forts, & Taj's Vivanta is situated right next to Fort Aguada, a well preserved 17th century Portuguese fort. You can chose to get a suite in the main building with lovely views of Sinquerim Beach right below or even go for something luxurious but secluded with their individual villas nestled in the hill. They have a great 24-hour kitchen too, overall great for people who like to take it easy.

1. The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino (Varca, South Goa)

This five-star beach resort is named so for the picturesque Varca beach with a blanket of white sands. It's a very large resort-spread over 38 acres, with a large pool, great sea views and a multi-cuisine restaurant. The suites are known to be spacious, with courteous service & great activities for the whole family.

It was quite hard to compile this list but I think I did it justice. Do you agree? What's your favorite resort in Goa?