Travel | Dreaming of Bengaluru

Bengaluru is the only major city in India that I have yet to visit and I intend to cross it off my travel bucket list soon. It's come to be known as the 'Silicon Valley of India' there is so much to the city beyond tech. It's known for it's parks, museums, places of worship and wildlife sanctuaries, not to mention shopping! I found the above infographic on the Fortune Hotels Bengaluru website & it has made planning the potential trip much easier now that I know where I'm going to stay!
I haven't figured out dates yet, but Bengaluru folks, I'd love your recommendations. :)


Travel | Munnar pt.1 - Terrace Greens Resorts, Mattupetty Dam

I teased you all with some phone photos from my Munnar trip earlier, & now it's time to write a little more about my experience. I took a trip there for three days in the end of May. I'll be the first to admit that other than the fact that it was in Kerala I knew very little else about the place. I soon found that it was a hill station known for sprawling tea plantations & as my trip grew nearer, the excitement kept building up. It was the first trip I was going on solo, but as all of my reservations & bookings were taken care of my Thomas Cook & Sterling Holidays I wasn't nervous in the least bit.
Munnar isn't the most easily accessibly destination (all of the best places aren't) & there are a few different ways to get there. As I was travelling by flight, I had to go to Kochi & then take a car from there. Kochi was unbearably hot & muggy, much like Mumbai at the end of May but as we drove higher & deeper into the hills it got so much cooler. The driver kindly stopped at a waterfall along the way & I got to snack on some raw mango, a yummy snack that is sold at a lot of the tourist spots in Kerala. I napped for the later part of the drive & when I awoke I was greeted by the sight of hills covered in tea plantations as covered in a very dense fog. It was by far one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen in my life. The weather too was so cool, pleasant & clean that I couldn't believe it was May. Getting back to Mumbai after the trip was such a disappointment.
I stayed at the Munnar Terrace Greens resort which was at the top of the hill. It's a beautiful, minimal property. They don't have hundreds of different activities to keep you occupied, the property is all about sitting back, unwinding & taking in the surroundings. My room had a wonderful view of the hills too. I made a few short videos with some of the highlights of my trip - the first one is above, do watch it & let me know what you think!

Look out for the next post where I will tell you more about my trip & how I planned what I wanted to see. And do subscribe to my YouTube channel (click the red button just below the video! :)) because I post videos on my channel before they're on the blog. 

Quotes on Women's T-shirts

T-shirts have always been the summer outfit with a ‘cool’ tag and mostly adorned the men till a certain era. Today women also wear different kinds of t-shirts sporting a trendier look and attire. Initially started off with more of floral patterns as design but gradually women fashion in t-shirts has also picked up what their counterparts are wearing.

Starting with single coloured tees right up celebrity design and abstract taglines, these t-shirts speak a lot about the personality of an individual. One might put a t-shirt with his/her favourite actor or players name or face or team or want to display a favourite movie quote. Currently t-shirts also bring out the witty sarcasm pertaining to government or the system. It can be a direct usage of any slogans, quotes or mimicry of a contemporary person or issue. On a light note, t-shirts can also have a famous proverb or sayings which sometimes are modified to suit the current times. Sometimes they also depict a strong belief of individuals or a quirky message or logo of an organization. Sometime t-shirts also have symbols or emblems of a particular team or theme of which it is designed for. Many t-shirt ecommerce businesses allow customers to design their own t-shirt with personal pictures or likewise. Today many women especially teenagers love to have quoted t-shirts in their wardrobe which connects with them the best.

T-shirt art can only be an image or text or a combination is both in a suitable way. Companies have a panel of artist and designers to design such art which evokes thought or humour in most cases in a subtle way. They have to ensure that the design does not directly demean or attack any individual or system which can lead to objection but is acceptable to a certain limit. It can be written in any language or font. 

Coming specifically to quotes on women t-shirts, those can be broadly categorized in the following:
  • Filmy style: It can either have dialogues or movie names from Bollywood or Hollywood
  • Celebrity quotes: It can be a quote from a celebrity or the image with a tagline
  • Funny one liners: It could be a humours tagline or one liners or a modified one with a suitable image
  • Witty sarcasm: It is also point at some food for thought ideas or sarcastic quotes 
  • Personal message: It can also be customized with a personal message
However, there can be endless types or categories of these funky t-shirts for women and companies think of many different ideas on what feasible to be printed.

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Some of the popular ones are “I wake up with a good attitude everyday then idiots happen”, “Go find a straw, cause you suck”, “the big bong theory”, “drink water surprise your liver”.

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