Origin of Macaroons

coconut macaroons
Macaroon’s are common at Passover gatherings, and as tasty treats all year long. They are small in shape, and circular. The original recipe called for dough made from ground almonds, but recipes have been made using coconut as well. Sugar and egg whites are also added, and the balls of dough are cooked on sheets of rice paper or on a baking tray.

Macaroons likely date back to the 9th century, in an Italian monastery. The monks there began making a pastry that they carried with them to France, where they chose to settle down with a commune of pastry chefs and French monks. The story goes that there were two women seeking asylum there, and that they managed to pay for their room and board through selling handmade macaroons they baked. They became colloquially known as “The Macaroon Sisters,” and recipes of their creations began to appear in cookbooks in the 18th century.

Italian Jews adopted the macaroon because it used egg whites instead of flour to leaven. It’s a food that Jewish people are able to eat during the eight-day Passover celebration. It eventually made its way to other Jewish people in Europe, where it found popularity all year long.

In North America, the macaroon is commercially made. It’s a moist and sweet cake that is sometimes dipped in chocolate for added flavor. The French have a version that is also common in the Western world. It’s a light cookie with a flavored filling. This article was written by Phineas Upham.

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Travel | Munnar according to my iPhone

Around two months ago I had the chance to take a short trip to Munnar, Kerala with Sterling Holidays & Thomas Cook India. I didn't think much of it before going - I thought it would be just another hill station, I've been to enough of those.
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