Brisbane: A Visit You Cannot Forget

The capital of the Australian state of Queensland, Brisbane is the third largest city of the continent nation. It is also one of its most popular urban hubs. The city is known for its vibrant culture, soothing climate, romantic locales and friendly attitude. This lush green city is especially great for a couple looking to spend some quality time together.

Brisbane is replete with beautiful sights, historical landmarks and architectural masterpieces. The visitors should not miss out on famous places like Brisbane City Hall, King George Square, St Stephens’ Cathedral and the City Botanic Gardens. However, it is the easting scene in Brisbane which makes it the gastronomical capital of Australia. The city is full of great restaurants where a couple can experiment and savour the local and international delicacies.

Brisbane offers great eating out experiences for all budgets, with a variety fit for all food lovers. For those looking to try the budget options should definitely head to Brisbane City and Spring Hill area. A very popular place here is the Beach House, boasting of a full-fledged bar, sumptuous meals and live entertainment at rock bottom prices. Similar options are Bar Merlo, Kadoya and the German Sausage Hut. For those looking to spend somewhat more can go to Little Tokyo, Sono or Le Bon Choix. The most popular among foreign tourists are ARIA Brisbane, Alchemy E’cco Bristo and Esuire.

Another place famous for its eateries and restaurant is Fortitude Valley and New Farm. Continental Café with its great food, comfortable experience and regular discounts is very popular here, apart from the Purple Olive Restaurant and Hunan Chinese Restaurant. In South Bank and Woolloongabba area, Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant with a great menu and belly dancing shows is a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

For a couple looking to spend a romantic holiday, the amazing music scene in the valley will prove to be a delight, with great options for live music and entertainment. The art and cultural hub of the city is the Brisbane Powerhouse with an array of options to enjoy performing and visual arts.

To travel to all the great places in this vast city, it is absolutely necessary for tourists to hire a car to reach the cultural and eating hubs. There are great car rental service providers like Hertz which offer comfortable services and special offers. 

The city of Brisbane is an experience to remember. Tourists fall in love with this enchanting city. For the romantic at heart, it’s the destination that can't be ignored.


The Luxe Café | Luxury has a new destination in India

This gorgeous feature of Camp Chhatra Sagar makes me want to pack up & leave for rural Rajasthan right away.

The word Luxury originates from the Latin world 'Luxus' which means 'excess'. The dictionary describes it as an inessential, desirable item which us expensive or difficult to obtain or a pleasure obtained only rarely. But, like all things I feel that over the years this definition has evolved with the times & today it's more about enjoying a good quality of life! And this doesn't just mean the pursuit of finer things it's also about acquiring unique experiences.

TheLuxeCafe.com is fashioned as a virtual salon for the serious purveyors of luxurious living and has a distinct approach sharing first-hand information and a 360 degree view of elite lifestyle choices. This virtual café is poised to be a one- stop hangout for the connoisseurs of exclusive tastes, travels, technology and much more.
Just visiting the website is an absolute pleasure. The layout is minimal, clean & very easy to navigate. Everything is divided into six categories - fashion, travel, leisure, motoring, home & style and life. They have launched recently but there is already a good selection of articles.

The Luxe Café has been envisioned by Manisha Mayur Shekhar, an ex-journalist and luxury marketing expert (she also serves as the Editorial Director). They will bring the India’s growing numbers of brand-conscious buyers and luxury-enthusiasts in close touch with everything new in the world of luxury, straight through the experts in the field. And this is not just aimed at the bigger cities - The Luxe Café takes it upon themselves to bring luxury closer to discerning clientele across India, even those residing in tier 2 & 3 towns & cities.

I'm very glad to have discovered The Luxe Café & I know I'll visit back often, it's the perfect kind of website to catch up while sipping a warm cup of tea.


Shopping | #TreatYoSelf This Diwali

In one of my favorite TV shows, Parks & Recreation, Donna & Tom have a day they call Treat Yo Self day. Whether you choose to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes, book a spa day or take that trip you've always wanted, it's all about treating yourself (duh!), indulging & basically feeling great! Now that's a concept that I can get behind. I'm not one for hedonism, as such, but I believe if you work hard you have earn the right to enjoy yourself now & then.
Diwali also known as the festival of lights is one of the most important festivals in India. Although I don't personally celebrate festivals (unless it's Bowieday or Cheeseburger Day!) Diwali is the perfect excuse to Treat Yo Self! I mean, if all the marketing aimed at shopping & gifting isn't enough, every retailer seems to be having crazy sales & discounts just for the festive season. I always prefer online shopping to actually going into stores because it's easier but for the festive season I think the biggest incentive would be to dodge the crazy crowds at any mall or market & shop from the comfort of your home, any time of the day, even in pyjamas! That's what I've been doing all week! ;)
I also make sure to visit CupoNation to check out the best deals & discounts before I pay & that has helped me save a lot of cash. This year I treated myself to a new compact camera which you can bet you'll be seeing more of very soon!
What have you bought yourself this Diwali? I'd love to know!