Changing The Way I See Things #Dare2Stare

Out of all five senses, sense of sight is the one we probably rely on the most in day to day life & it's also the one we take for granted the most. When I was three I had a major fall (from the top of a staircase) & ended up with a bad gash on the side of my face. And my parents were just grateful that it narrowly missed my eye. Later it turned out that it had damaged my optic nerve a bit (it's the reason I wear glasses) but it's still very minor compared to what could have been & that is something to be thankful for.

As a child, I'm sure you've played the starting game - stare into each other's eyes & who blinks first, loses? Well then do check out this two minute video below about the #Dare2Stare campaign-

Didn't expect that, did you? I know that we don't like to think about things like our own mortality - some might even see it as a negative or pessimistic thing while going about our day, but eye (& organ) donation is such an important thing because you can give a life to somebody else.

In the spirit of that, I thought I'd share three things I will do to change the way I see things (literally & figuratively)!

My love for travel is well documented on this blog. I try to take one or two trips a year, with length & budgets varying. I used to think that I was a 'city' person, but I've begun to really love smaller destinations as well - they're the antithesis of the crazy metropolis I live in. This year I took a trip to Ooty, not an unknown destination by any means & really loved everything about it. Travel energises me & I always see Mumbai in a different, softer light when I'm back.

I was incredibly active in school & had a reasonable daily commute to college, but the moment I got done with all that I've led a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Yes, that has led to me putting on some weight but more importantly I've become quite lethargic & get winded easily. I want to start exercising more. Not necessarily anything big - just walk / jog, move more, regularly. Exercise also helps create endorphins (happy hormones!) so it's great to keep the blues away. I'm taking steps towards it & I plan to document some of it here too. I want to be fitter & healthier, not for any other reason but just to feel good about myself.

As a 'creative' person, I always who has two blogs & a YouTube channel, I always have a ton of ideas swirling abound in my head, but I'm not good & organizing or writing things down & I also mix up dates quite a bit, causing me quite a bit of grief. I want to get better at organising so I can be calmer & more composed each day & not feel constantly overwhelmed.

More than 2.5 lakh blind people could benefit from corneal transplants from donated eyes. But there is a serious lack of awareness around eye donation. Data from the Union Health Ministry revealed that more than 50% of eyes donated in 2014 had gone to waste due to infections or delay of collection! It's time for a change! Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital wants to start the conversation about eye donation with the #Dare2Stare initiative. Do spare 2 minutes from your day to take Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital's Dare2Stare Challenge - dare2stare.in & share this with your friends.



Meet My Mom | The Mom Tag

When on my trip through Coimbatore with mom I got her to sit down with me & do 'the mom tag' a popular YouTube tag where she has to answer 17 questions about... me?! Anyway it was super fun to do & mother's day was the perfect time to post it.
You can watch the video above (I did include a few childhood pictures too!) & do let me know what you think! I'm thinking of including my mom in more videos so do let me know is there is anything in particular you'd like to see on my channel - I love requests!


Every Wish Fulfilled with Flipkart!

Who doesn't dream of having a magic lamp? Just rub the lamp & a genie will pop out & make all your wishes come true. Well, genies who grant wishes might exist only in myth & legend but I'm here to tell you that you don't need to have a brass lamp to grant your wishes, just Flipkart - don't believe me? Take a look at this video. It's a lovely story about a family & a girl who really wants a doll. Through a whimsical blend of animation & live action they've made me realize that process of ordering something & having it delivered to you is sort of a modern day fairy tale! I could go on & on about why it's so awesome, but I'll start with 6 wishes that come true with Flipkart!