How To Care for Your Boat

A boat lift takes your docking area to a new level. Instead of simply tying on to the shore and letting your boat bob up and down in the waves and knock against the dock, you could raise your boat out of the water with a boat lift. 

Protecting Your Water Craft Investment
You'll gain several benefits after adding this infrastructure to your water access. By keeping your boat out of the water, you'll reduce wear and tear on its structure and internal parts by eliminating impacts against a dock. This security for the vessel will especially provide peace of mind during storms when heavy waves can impose a lot of roughness on your vessel. 

Keep It Clean
A boat lift also enables better cleanliness. Algae will not be able to build up on the hull when the boat is kept dry when not in use. This means you won't have to spend so much time cleaning it. Additionally, raising your boat out of the water could reduce infestation on the hull and motor parts with zebra mussels or other aquatic pests and invasive species. Small organisms like these sometimes cause mechanical problems. Avoiding infestation will also reduce the spread of such organisms. 

One for Every Situation
Boat lifts are not just for large vessels. Models are made to accommodate crafts of all sizes, even small personal water craft like wave runners. Lifts can even be installed in small areas, like crowded channels and canals. The pictures and descriptions at LunmarBoatLifts.com will give you a good idea of the versatile types of lifts available on the market. 

Once you begin exploring available models, you'll see that many designs and materials are available. Steel, aluminum, and wood options could fit both utilitarian and aesthetic needs. Shop today to begin finding answers to your questions, so you can make the best choice for your home. 

Adding a boat lift to your property will enhance its value and general appeal. Properties with water access are all about giving you a fun recreational lifestyle conveniently outside your door. If you ever plan on selling your waterfront home, a boat lift will present a complete package to potential buyers. Until then, you'll appreciate the ease of use and water craft protection provided by such ideal infrastructure.


A Happiness Time Capsule

I recently saw this cute ad by Exide Life & it got me thinking about the future, my future in particular.

The couple can have a happy today because the husband has planned out their future & so they will have nothing to worry about. Have you ever thought about keeping a time capsule? If you could write a letter to yourself only to be opened 20 years from now, what would you write?

I would remind myself what it was like to be 23, I would also hope that I have achieved some of the things I've dreamt about and maybe done some new things that I still haven't thought of yet, because I know fully well that life doesn't always go how you want it to and that you need to plan well for a long and happy life.

I've started earning my own money only in the last couple of years- so I'm still at that stage of my life where I'm proud to be (mostly) financially independent, and buying my own tech or buying my parents lunch is something that gives me a lot of pride & joy. Also, I've just realized that my biggest long-term money goal is buying my next phone and I need to be a little less short sighted with my finances. 
All this time, I haven't even given any serious thought to the things I want to do in the future, like buying a car, going on a self funded foreign trip, redecorating my bedroom/ home office. And while those might me the more glamorous things that my future holds, it's equally important to plan for the emergencies that will inevitably arise, so you can sail through them easily. It is never too early to start saving, after all it's important to have a well planned life for a beautiful tomorrow.

So I've decide to keep my own personal Exide Money Book - a very useful documents that helps me organize my own bank accounts, & insurance policies. It helps to have all that information in one place - it's about time that I get responsible & of course my parents will be there to guide me through it.

Here's what some pages of the Exide Money Book look like (don't worry, those aren't my real details).

I've always been the type of person who lives in the now, but the future is nothing to fear. Kal Khoobsurat Hai - Tomorrow is Beautiful.


Shopping | LetterNote Shop Homeware & Stationery HAUL (Video)

My love for stationery has been quite well documented on this blog. Recently I got the chance to pick out a few things from Delhi based webstore LetterNote shop. I hadn't really come across the store before but it was delightful to go through everything they sell- everything from notebooks & art prints to phone covers & candles - I absolutely loved the aesthetic!
So I made a haul video with the things I got from LetterNote shop, which you can watch below. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

Here are the things I ended up getting-

→ LetterNote Manifesto Frosted Mug

→ Fresh Roses Big Candle

→ Fridge Magnet(s) - Joie de vivre & Do Good

→ Dream Big Engraved Card Holder

→ LetterNote Manifesto Notebook

→ Love (kraft) notebook

→ Cyan pocket notebook

LetterNote products are available on their website  & on Amazon India.

The LetterNote manifesto is a particularly great way to kickstart your week!