Instagram - Gifts, Baking, Trees & a Birthday! ♨

Some pretty random instagram from this month-
breakfast fruit conserve break and cardamon milk, food, instagram cup of tea, chaiStrawberry & mint conserve on fruit bread & cardamon flavored milk for breakfast; A cup of hot tea in the college canteen.
maltesers gummy worms
Maltesers & Gummy Worms, just two of the huge amount of chocolate & candy my parents bought me from Auckland.
cutely wrapped gift box hello panda biscuits
The Cold Water locket arrived. Love how it was packed! Also aren't these hello panda biscuit packs the cutest? So kawaii! ♥
baking sharkotka shalotka russian apple pie / cake
Shalotka is the Russian counterpart of Apple Pie. It's very simple & pretty healthy. I baked it for the first time following this recipe. It's somewhat more of a pudding than a pie, but pretty yummy nonetheless.
 silhouetted palm trees
Silhouetted Trees.
chocolate birthday cake kfc fried chicken bucket
It was my Dad's birthday & my parent's wedding anniversary on the 20th. We woke up late, then gorged on cake, went to the mall for loads of shopping, donuts & fried chicken.

I'm @magali_c on instagram. If you use it come say hi. :)


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  1. I'm fascinated with the documentation of the pie. Maybe it's my love for baking and I know what entails the process. :)

  2. I'm still drooling over that cake!

    PS that new picture of you is very cute!

  3. It truly is fun to see the process behind a baked dish, & I really enjoy looking at your culinary creations on instagram. :)