Day Out to Colaba - Digital

These are some photos from December 2011. They were taken during a day out with a couple friends at Colaba, Marine Drive & Gateway of India. They looked rather boring as they were regular digital photos so I edited them.
schoen house - this used to be a school but now it's just an abandoned old building.me with the fisheye 2.animated gif of a fuji instax mini photo of a postbox in Bombayan animated gif! these are fun to make. :)

It was a great day, despite getting off to a slow start I do have some special memories associated with that day. I do think the photos looks slightly over processed & pink but I just wanted to try something new. These photos were taken the same day as the last three photos from the First Redscale film post.


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  1. I like the pinkish tones to these photos, it's not overdone so works quite nicely. I look forward to seeing your Fisheye 2 photos!

  2. Well nice pictures, captured by which one and Nice camera from where I can got this type of camera.

  3. Hey these are great pics. I stumbled across your blog while google hopping and must say that the pics are quite good. Keep clicking !