Day Out to Colaba - Digital

These are some photos from December 2011. They were taken during a day out with a couple friends at Colaba, Marine Drive & Gateway of India. They looked rather boring as they were regular digital photos so I edited them.
schoen house - this used to be a school but now it's just an abandoned old building.me with the fisheye 2.animated gif of a fuji instax mini photo of a postbox in Bombayan animated gif! these are fun to make. :)

It was a great day, despite getting off to a slow start I do have some special memories associated with that day. I do think the photos looks slightly over processed & pink but I just wanted to try something new. These photos were taken the same day as the last three photos from the First Redscale film post. You can get your own fisheye camera or lens with these coupons for Overstock!


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  1. I like the pinkish tones to these photos, it's not overdone so works quite nicely. I look forward to seeing your Fisheye 2 photos!

  2. Well nice pictures, captured by which one and Nice camera from where I can got this type of camera.

  3. Hey these are great pics. I stumbled across your blog while google hopping and must say that the pics are quite good. Keep clicking !