My Week in Pictures (with the iPhone) #4

{Monday} I went for the launch of Aminder Madan's latest collection at Cypress Boutique, 21st Road. It was a small intimate affair that saw some celebs come as well. There were also Clarins Makeovers. I loved snapping photos of all the lovely fashionable things. And since it was Valentine's Eve, there was obviously a pink theme. Loved the pink drinks (Rosé, Tomato & Basil Martini).
{Tuesday} Valentines day was just like any other day for me. I had to give a presentation in college so couldn't dream of bunking. I wore these lovely pink suede oxfords.
{WednesdayMelly tagged me to share my iPhone lockscreen image- Mine has been this photo of Nyan Cat (from the iPhone app) for a very long time. Always makes me happy. And in the evening we got our fabulous new living room furniture- a leather rocking chair/recliner & a leather sofa that also reclines. It's lovely & I'm so happy with how the living room looks right now, even if it's a little crowded. :)
{Thursday} Took this photo of a sign at Andheri station with my fab new iPhone fisheye lens, more on that very soon!
{Friday} Frangelico Hazelnut liqueur & Smirnoff Vodka for some chocolate cake shots. Didn't like it much.
{Saturday} Bottled Starbucks frappuccino will have to keep me happy till the first outlet opens in Bombay. That evening I found that adding a little Frangelico into this makes it super yum.
Also I love pretty stamps. They're so rare & practically old school now that prepaid postage, & franking is so common.

This was my week. I have a lot of great posts planned for this week even if I am super busy with the upcoming exams stress. After which I will be dragged onto a 'Holiday' to Mangalore & Goa. Learning to ride a scooter (mom will hopefully teach me through trial & error method) is something I'm really looking forward to.


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  1. Oh no exams stress! But a holiday to Goa must be something awesome to look forward to! Gonna google about Mangalore now.

  2. Jealous about the recliner! Been wanting to get a couple for my apartment but trying to save money. Then I find myself thinking that a bigger TV might be a better option. Can't decide!!! :P