I see Red, Blue & Yellow

Just a few hours ago I got back from a lovely event at the Red Blue & Yellow contemporary furniture store that was supported by BBC GoodHomes Magazine India.
The event was called GoodHomes loves & it specially showcased the latest collection at Red, Blue & Yellow- monochrome with a little twist of color.
Though I have gone to a lot of fashion-related events in the recent past this was my first one about home / interiors / decor. We just got some new furniture at home a couple of weeks ago & I have been bitten by the home decor bug, I keep thinking about new arrangements & what will go where & what accessories we can get to style up the place a little more.
I reached the place slightly early & was just wandering around the store looking at their collection & snapping pictures with my phone while guests slowly trickled in.
I loved that the event was very intimate, there wasn't a crowd unlike some others I've been to.
I met Sakshi from Girlyhour.com for the very first time, though I have been on her blog a couple of times before. She is such a sweet, friendly person & it was so nice to meet her (You can read her account on the evening here).
I also have to mention that I absolutely loved the music they were playing, first a few songs from George Michael's Patience album, then some more favorites including Jamiroquai. I cannot ignore music playing anywhere & I love when they play music I'm crazy about.
They also had wine, (which is becoming a favorite drink) & many tasty & exotic snacks (I've always wanted to try out wasabi!)
All the things- the fun store, ambiance & the great people & music served to make the evening wonderful & very memorable. I am of course super glad that my mom pushed me out of the home despite my laziness.
And I loved all the cute & quirky little accessories at Red, Blue & Yellow, they had so many different types of Buddha statue as well as little ceramic animals & cute alarm clock & funky wall clocks (really think I should pick up one of those!!)
When I got home & checked the little bag I found the latest issue of GoodHomes magazine as well as a charming little box from Le 15 P√Ętisserie with four mini macarons- guess what, I have always been wanting to try macarons, just a week ago I saw macaroons from the same place on a blog I visited & made a mental note to go there after my exams get over & pick some up. I was so pleasantly surprised & I just clicked a lot of photos of them because macaroons are so cute, & also very tasty. It was like the cherry on top for me.
I'm sure I will be scanning the magazine for decor tips & I will be incorporating them at home soon- I feel super positive & inspired right now. :)


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  1. Thanks so much for the  Girlyhour.com ! Love every bit!Home Interiors