My little Red Vespa

Owning a Vespa has always been a dream. And now that Vespa India is launching (or has already launched?!) it's a little bit closer to becoming a reality. It will be a few years till I can buy one. But until then I have a mini red Vespa - a perfect model of the 2000 Vespa Rally from 1972.
Recently getting a real (new) Vespa has become very important to me. Maybe it's because of all this buzz of Vespa launching here & whatnot. I am sure I will get even more excited & impatient when I see ads & actual new ones on the streets. So I'm planning to take scooter lessons real soon, & hopefully if it all pans out I may get a hold of one around my 21st birthday? Let's see. I'm trying to be patient with it.


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  1. That's the cutest thing. I like the nice big hint to your folks about your 21st ;)

  2. :) I had one when i was in india a White lml vespa :) 

  3. where did u buy this little vespa from?

  4. Thank You! My parents know about me wanting this, so it's more like a reminder for me than a hint to them. :)

  5. I got it from a toy store, though it's not really a toy but a scale model. Please remove my image from your Facebook cover photo, it's not OK to steal.

  6. I still see some of those in Goa, they're gorgeous!

  7. Hey. I downloaded one of your pics and shared it on my FB page as a part of my wishlist. Hope that's ok?

  8. Hi,
    I appreciate the fact that you let me know.
    I require that you credit me in the image description, though: '{image credit: www.magalic.com}'
    Thank You.